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Embassy Dynamos Football Club

Tuesdays and Sunday 7 or 8pm. Click more info below to join up with the team this weekend.

Junior Dynamos - coming Soon
Embassy Runners

Runners, joggers, and those who fancy a walk are welcome to join the Embassy running club. You don't have to be an expert or a member of the church, everyone is welcome from within the community to be part of our sports groups. 

Friday Tennis 

On an informal basis, the tennis lovers in the house meet at the War Memorial Park or outdoor tennis courts in town to have a good sweat session. If you'd like to play, please send an email using 'More Info' link below and you will be linked up with the team.

Ladies Bootcamp 
Boot Camp

Military style boot camps hold for Men and women of all ages either at the Church (downstairs) or one of the nearby parks. Please use the link below to contact the organisers.

Men Bootcamp 
Basingstoke Parkrun

If you like to have a run, or need a little bit of motivation to get running, the local parkrun is a fun place to run. A few of us from the church run at the Basingstoke parkrun @ War Memorial Park every Saturday at 9am.

If you'd like to jump in on the fun, please register free on the Basingstoke Parkrun website

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