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When two people are in love, they put their emotions and time and effort into it. As their love grows so does their knowledge and awareness of each other’s dreams and desires. 

I have observed in my own relationship with my wife that we have always worked hard at making sure we put some thought into the things that we do for each other. We have been together now for more than 20 years and married for a little over 12, and I noticed - even over the past Christmas that Seun went out of her way to show how much she loves me. We keep learning more and more about each other with a desire to keep improving how we express our love, our commitment and desire and therefore making each other happier and better.


This season our focus in the church is on ‘The Spirit of Excellence’ - Excellence is underscored by passion, desire, and love. To some, Excellence is a rating, a value you put on the best of the rest! The best score, the best value, the best action or performance, etc. To others, Excellence is a state of superiority, eminence or importance. A mindset that makes you do all that lies in your power!


If you look at the life of Caleb and Daniel in the Bible, their Excellence was demonstrated through their devotion and love for God, whereas Solomon’s Excellence was expressed through his genius wisdom, trade, investment, and literary talent. 

One thing however that’s common to all these people is that they were recognized as the best. They were passionate about their beliefs and their desire to serve others. They were passionate about doing the best, not just doing a bit - they were driven by a desire to go the extra mile, to do what others couldn’t, to give God the best, to be successful at their service. 


Let me ask you this, what drives your passion? What drives your service to God, what drives your career? What drives your relationships? Are you determined to be the best that you can be? 





Midweek Meeting 7:00 - 8:30pm
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Mid-Week Meeting

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